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Frenchie Wear

Monday, October 22, 2012

For those who don't know me, I have a serious obsession with French Bulldogs. Really I'm obsessed with any kind of dog, or cat. But Frenchies really make my heart melt. How can you not obsess over this little black one poking his head out of what I assume to be is a hamper!? Melting. This is why when I got the J.Crew catalogue and spotted the new Frenchie sweater I freaked with excitement. I went to the mall yesterday to try and purchase it but it wasn't in the store! Angry elf I was (side note - bought these instead). Then I started browsing online for other Frenchie clothing and came across this cute cotton top from Anthro along with this cartoon Frenchie sweater from Shop Bop (even though it's sold out, UGH).

If I don't buy myself some type of clothing adorned with a bulldog on it, then I might end up buying an actual pup for myself. And that wouldn't go over well - so can these stores please restock soon!?

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