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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Canvas, pillows, sheets all from HomeGoods & TJ Maxx

Dresser was the floor model from Pier 1, duvet is Urban Outfitters

Coffee table books help elevate my lamp, a gold vintage mirror from Grammy

Turned my favorite postcards from Florence into picture frames

White storage unit from HomeGoods

I have moved! It's officially official. No more commuting for me, no more 7:25 am bus, no more Port Authority, free free free! Some may find it ironic that I want to chant 'freedom' because my new bedroom is the size of a jail cell: 8 feet by 8 feet. A nice, cool square. Perfect for holding 2 people. But this room actually works wonderfully for me. Not only is my rent an amazeballs price for living in New York City, but the cozy size of the room makes it that much easier to decorate because, well, there's not that much square footage. 

Every item I bought for my room was under $100, with the exception of my dresser that I still got on sale + 25% off for taking the floor model. Having a budget is absolutely easier to do if you shop in TJ Maxx and Home Goods. Living in a small room requires me to utilize every bit of storage space. I have bins with wheels that roll out from under my bed, the white storage unit above contains jewelry, cosmetics, and hair products, and my dresser is small in size but has deep drawers for all my freaking colored jeans.

It was also important for me to showcase items that I've collected over time.  From my coffee table books that I've turned into a collection, to postcards and photos from abroad that I finally framed, to Grammy's antique gold mirror that she once hung in her kitchen, they all found a place in my tiny bedroom. Substituting a headboard for a large painted canvas also helped save space while still personalizing my room.

My favorite part of my little 8x8 abode is absolutely the exposed brick wall next to my bed. You can't really get more New York than that and it offers that final piece of charm. Plus, let's be real it's one less wall for me to have to decorate.

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