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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday - Hump Day - Midweek Checkpoint ! Actually it's kind of like a Thursday for me because I'm taking off Friday to head to Oxvegas and celebrate Homecoming with all my long lost best friends lovers from another mother. I seriously cannot contain my excitement to step back on campus and pretend to be a senior in college. Drinking dollar pitchers at 1 pm on a Friday, eating greasy chicken fingers from Bell Tower dining hall, spending an entire 48 hour weekend with my housemates and pretending like we're still just one [janky] room away from each's gonna be good.

Aside from my lil' love blip on MU...You know on Wednesday I love to browse the Internatz for pics that stand out to me. I saw this giant NEW YORK photo (can't find the credit!) and knew I had to share. NYC apartment hunting has begun to consume my mind and all I think about is decorating/rent/decorating/rent/dinner/'s a cycle. I'd love a comfy room like the last photo. And I'm not sure if you get it yet, but I really want a pair of loafers. Like yesterday. And a glass of red wine, too. Sure why not - it's noon.

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  1. hahahahahha "decorating/rent/decorating/rent/dinner/decorating" ... glad dinner made it in there!! can't go w/o thinking about one of Care's good concoctions.