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Wednesday Daydream

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The last few days have a been one blur of stress. Not gonna lie, I really don't have that much stress in my life currently. Working isn't like school where you have endless exams & project deadlines. Yes, you have deadlines. But you're only an assistant right now and if you mess up, it's not going to ruin anything major. You just fix the mistake and move on! My stress has come from this never ending apartment hunt drama. Like I said before, I'm thiiiisss close to signing a lease but there are so many kinks and gimmicks that you gotta watch out for. I feel like it's us vs. the realtor and all I wanna do is move in, make it comfy/cozy, and live in NEW YORK. A view like this wouldn't too shabby, either. The apartment I'm signing for doesn't have panoramic views (iPhone 5, duh) but it's definitely nice. Small - I like to say cozy - but oh so nice... and did I mention BRAND new!?

Also obviously had to post this puppy wearing his glasses. He's saying "Iz can c u nows! Storytime???" Lololol. Great de-stresser. Happy Hump Day!

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  1. i think he's saying, "eye want taco bell." yep.

    hayy did ya notice your last pic it kinda looks like that girl is wearing our sensation bracelet?!?