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Sunday, September 2, 2012
Found myself on Shopbop while taking a mini break from my emails/Excel workbooks/computer program from 1990 and stumbled into the site's Accessories --> Books section. Books! I don't know where I've been (well probably in the shoes section) but I never knew there was a Books section on Shopbop.  Coffee table books are actually an obsession of mine. Kind of funny because I do not own any coffee tables! But they are slowly littering my bedroom floor, dresser, nightstand, etc.  Adding a bit of personalized decor to your room is totally doable with coffee table books. They're a way for people to see what your interests are and little things you aspire to read about. 

I'm a book fanatic and a big believer in reading to educate your mind. Yes, I know most coffee table books are full of pictures but they still take you into a different world. Whether it's about Jay-Z, the art of decorating, or pairing wine & food (I own all of these) books will always fill you with an air of freshness. Stacking coffee table books also lets you mix up your table and gives the eye different levels of items to focus on. Some come with a price tag, but for instance my Williams Sonoma was bought used at a small cafe for only $2. You don't have to be a millionaire (or even a thousand-aire) to style your living space. Lusts from shop bop(and I say lusts because I realize their price tag is a biiiiit more than $2....) include: Yves Saint LaurentThe Little Dictionary of Fashion, and TIm Walker Pictures.

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