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Thursday, September 20, 2012

As you all know I recently started working full-time in NYC. I said bye-bye/tata/ciao to the good life college, became overly ambitious about finding a job, applied & networked everywhere, and was hired by the end of June. Done & done just like that. Poor economy? Recession? Nah. What I wasn't prepared for was what life in the office would actually be like. I thought, hey I have an impressive education from one of the top business schools in the nation. I've had a competitive internship and have been successful in most things I've done. What more difficult could a job be? Uhhhh EARTH TO KELSEY.

That's exactly why I wanted to share this little gem of an article I came across the other night. It's from the website Levo League, which I recently discovered, and illustrates what you should expect from your first job. I mean it's kind of comical how ridiculously obvious these points are, but I've never seen anyone explicitly write them out. They're everything that my friends and I complain profusely about.

To begin with, the first point in the article is that, "it takes a minimum of three months to learn the ropes of a new job and usually a year to understand the rules of the game." Hello, why did I not realize this before I started? I have never been more overwhelmed as I was in those first two weeks I started working. It is nothing like anyone has taught you in school. It is nothing like what you did at your internship. Everything is new and complicated and contradictory and backwards. No need for alarm though, you'll catch on. Other worthwhile notes from the article include: you will feel completely exhausted and act like your 52 year old father at night, your job is not your school/family/friends so don't take things personally, it's not your coworkers/boss's job to care about you it's their job to care about their job, and to expect a steep learning curve.

You will feel lost and bitter. And then you'll have those "AHA" moments & everything you learned in school will...still appear to be useless. HEHE JK but you will have those moments where things just start becoming clearer. Don't rush it though - remember it takes a year to really get it. After a year you're screwed ;)

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