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Goodbye Summer!

Sunday, September 9, 2012
It's been probably one of the quickest summers of my life so far. I literally feel like I just graduated and was sobbing my eyes out on the 10 hour drive home... Dramatic much? It was so necessary. 

This has been an overall great summer but I am excited to welcome in fall. I spent my summer days with friends and family, adjusting to work life, and embracing all the little things that make me smile and jump for glee (pretty much dumb things like a new tumblr cup or cheetah Oxfords). I hope you all had just as wonderful of a summer as I did. A few things in fall that I can't contain my excitement for: Miami's Homecoming weekend, Kara visiting from good ole Pittsburgh, The Hunt, Sensation White, AND HOPEFULLY MOVING OUT OF THE MILLER RESIDENCE INTO NYC. 

BTW - like the new blog look? Amazing how helpful Google can be with this type of stuff. Okay going to pour a glass of wine now. 


  1. Goodbye summer but hello fall! Enjoy your vino

  2. I love Fall, but I'm sad to see Summer end.
    Newest follower!