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Bakery In My Room

Thursday, September 13, 2012
Uhhh secret that isn't a secret: I love candles. So much. Like sometimes if I could be doing anything at all in the world it'd be laying in my bed next to a really good smelling candle (cupcake, pumpkin, cider, pine, the list goes on). When I was a measly college student with no income I had to stick to the super cheap Wal-Mart candles. Not that I'm dissing those, they are Grrrreat. 
But the other night I stopped at Henri Bendel for Fashion's Night Out and nearly passed out due to the most amazing candle aroma. I wanted to actually eat the candle. They had Choco Latte lit all over the store, but every flavor smelled ahhhmazing.  BiscottiCoconut Flower, and Cinnamon Bark are other flavors that I know I'd love to buy. For me, the candle is a bit pricier ($30) but in real life, that's only like one dinner or a couple bottles of wine or a new shirt. And seriously, the way this candle smelled - I'd give up a Saturday night dinner. 

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