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A New Wedge

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So here's one of the most unique trends for fall: a wedged sneaker. What are your thoughts on this? A little out there I know but I always loved bright, loud sneakers and one of my favorite high school grad presents was my Nike dunks (throwback!).  Those Nikes are long gone now but maybe it's time to splurge a little and add a bit of femininity to that casual sneaker look. The more I shop around for the perfect sneaker wedge, the more I'm about to whip out my debit card and just order a pair! How about thesethis, or them!? I just know myself and you'll probably see me one of these days strolling down the street in a pair of these wedges. And then a year will go by and I'll be like "WTF!?" was I thinking.

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog :) I'm following you now too! Love these sneakers, but think I would opt for a pair of old school hightop nike's if I ever tried to pull off the trend.