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Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm really starting to feel this apartment envy as my friends begin to move into the city into their own places and spaces. Still just me hanging out at home (rent free + meals, however) and trying to save money. My pins are starting to shift from a clothes and accessories obsession to an apartment decor . Guess I'm getting old. I ponder how I'll decorate my bedroom in the city post move in. Hopefully it'll turn out better than when I decorated my room when I was 13: think bright blue sponge painted walls with a red Hawaiian flower comforter - eeek. My taste has evolved and something I keep seeing in decor is a single painted wall. It makes your itsy bitsy apartment appear larger and it is half the effort because you're only painting one wall (HA). But I go back and forth. Would I rather have a fully painted bedroom or keep it simpler, yet bold, with a one wall focus? Or, going in a completely different direction. Have you SEEN the wallpaper selection at Anthropologie?

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