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Tea Time

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Hump Day! ...Ugh I saw this picture and thought oh gee how nice would that be if I had a pretty pink plate with petite pastries and a nice cup of tea in front of me. This week is dragging, no? I'm just going to pretend that my Special K bar and coffee look as precious as this setup and also pretend that I'm not sitting in frigid office right now waiting for the emails to start coming in.

Can I tell you about a new obsession of mine that's ALSO healthy? Green Tea! I was contemplating life at work one day and thought if I can guzzle coffee so quickly why not switch one of my cups out for green tea, and maybe I'll kill some cancer cells or add a few years to my life while at it. At first drinking green tea was painful and I was literally wincing as I sipped on it. But now I find myself craving it every afternoon rather than coffee. So I do my coffee fix in the morning (cause you know that's good for you, too - weird) and then I mix it up with my green tea.  My coworker laughs at me but I'll be the one laughing when he's home with the flu and I'm healthy as ... .... fill in the blank? A doctor's child? It's too early to be witty.

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