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Ms. Color in the Fall

Friday, August 31, 2012

I had a stressful decision the other day. Care was shopping at the mall and sent me a picture of J.Crew's Invitation clutch in Orange Fuchsia and Blue Green. Then she asked which one I'd rather have - lol at the stress of that decision, right? Instinctively I thought Blue Green because the colors are obviously more fall like colors than bright orange and hot pink. But then I started thinking back to some trend reports along with how I genuinely like the Orange Fuchsia more.  

Does the fact that fall is approaching and colors are transitioning from brights and neons to darker more subdued tones mean that I have to choose the more "fallish" items when shopping? I say absolutely not. Browsing around designers on the internatz all day I've even decided that one of the newest trends for fall is adding a bright pop of color to your dark outfit. Style rules have evolved and with that comes embracing hot pink year round. As long as you pair your bright accessories with blacks, browns, navys, and greens, you'll balance perfectly.   Final decision: I'm going with the orange fuchsia envelope.

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