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Friday, August 24, 2012
I've done a fair amount of summer reading these past months. June was all about the Fifty Shades trilogy which I loved to hate. I'm usually someone who appreciates good literature aka it's not a surprise I rolled my eyes through the entire series. The fact that I kept reading must prove something, though. I'll give it to the author that she is good at keeping you addicted. If you want a mindless yet entertaining, and virtually plotless novel then pick up this "mommy porn" (suuuuuch a weird term).

Wife 22, The Kitchen House, and Where We Belong all failed to offer anything to rave about. They're great beach reads and kept me entertained but are missing that LOVE factor. Wife 22 had awkward loose ends that I felt weren't tied up and The Kitchen House had an ending that wasn't powerful enough to conclude the story. Where We Belong was just one, long mangle of a story. I expected so much more from Emily Giffin. The story was completely predictable, unexciting, undramatic, anticlimactic, etc. I wish I could return it but it's on my Kindle. May just have to hit the 'Delete' button.

I downloaded and read in basically one sitting Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide To Breaking Into Fashion PR one Saturday morning. I guess I was feeling super motivated or maybe I only drank water the night before. Regardless, it was just a quick read on the difference between adveritsing, marketing, and PR. It's probably geared for someone younger and in need of an internship but the author did offer some valuable insight on the industries and tips for working in them. 

Finally - my favorite book of the summer was John Greene's Looking for Alaska. Recommended to me by two sorority sisters, this is a modern version of Catcher in the Rye. Absolutely recommend especially if you appreicate the theme of coming of age. After finishing I immediatley began googling reviews and analyses of the novel. Also searched through tweets and found some fabulous quotes from the main characters - hello I have no life. Onto my current reads - I just started The Hypnotist's Love Story and after that I'll be picking up the current #1 seller Gone Girl. I'll report back how both are.

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