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Work It, Boss

Friday, July 27, 2012
Wow, okay it's been awhile. Hey there. So I started this new thing called a career and it takes up quite a lot of my time (like I'm commuting/working 7 am - 8 pm everyday, isn't that fun?) But I am ready to get back to posting about things in life that have nothing to do with my job, since lately my job seems to consume me. Wasn't it my sole goal after graduation to find a job ASAP!? What was wrong with me? Someone needed to slap a woman and say "chill out". So anywho, I am working and liking it which says a lot for me because I am usually someone who despises working (whoops too bad you graduated, Kelsey!). 
A few days ago I had a request to post ideas for corporate style clothes so this is where I'll pick up where I left off.  I did a post a few weeks back about dressing in a casual working environment (I was freelancing in a clothing retailer's photography studio), but I'll touch on it again and discuss dressing a little more corporate (ew).

To begin with, every single newly employed gal just needs to go ahead and purchase a Jackie cardigan and Mini pant. Both come in a rainbow of colors and can be so easily dressed up or down. You can get both for a discounted price at the outlets, beeteedub. Just go ahead and invest in multiple pairs of both. Another little tip - go bold with your jewelry. People who work in conservative environments always feel like they need to be restricted to pearls & a ponytail - false.  BaubleBar offers plenty of affordable yet bold statement necklaces and did you know how many eBay shops sell the infamous Bubble necklace. I've done my research and most are nearly identical to the one at J.Crew. No one has to know, you're only impressing your co-workers ;)

More to come on this subject but right now I am trying to figure out what the heck is happening on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Also while sipping my new favorite wine, Simply Naked pinot. Just call me Ramona.