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The Aqua Department

Monday, July 30, 2012
So I am getting my first paycheck tomorrow and I'm preparing for the worst cause it's probably going to look like I was working at the grocery store checking out produce and cereal for the last three weeks. I'm not even on a budget, I'm on the "don't spend money ever" plan. However, this is un problemo for me. One way I combat my measly bank account with my shopaholic addiction: Aqua department in Bloomingdales. No wait even better: Aqua SALE department in Bloomingdales. Don't give me the excuse that, "I don't have a Bloomies by me, UGH. Guess I'll just go spend three times as much at Saks". False - go shop online, sillies. Look what's online right now...

I have this sequin tunic in black - it's short but still dressy and is now $88 (I got it for even less using Friends & Family rewards)

Not on sale yet - but here's the thing. It will be in two weeks, seriously. See ya when you're $50, drop waist dress!

I bought this shirt in the Bloomingdale's store on sale with coupons for $18...true story.

Another super pretty dress for work or an event. I swear it'll be on sale soon and as it is, the dress already looks much more than $108.


  1. the last white dress is a very fun yet elegant piece :)
    would you like to follow each other?