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What The Mint?

Monday, June 4, 2012
The StyleMint craze has seriously taken off.  I signed up for StyleMint the minute I realized it was designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley. They could design for Talbots and I would be on board, lets be real. It started with StyleMint and now suddenly there are all these new "Mints".  Here is a run through of all of them in case you aren't as familiar.

1.Every month StyleMint features a new Showroom with new and trendy t-shirts,  long sleeves, skirts, etc. To get started you make a profile and take the style test. StyleMint will then email you monthly updates of new clothes that match your style test results.  All t-shirts are only $29.99 and there's free shipping! Blogger Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere has featured multiple posts with her sporting various StyleMint tees.  

2.  JewelMint is the same concept as StyleMint, only with (shocking), jewelry.  Their designs are so original and edgy.  All pieces are also only $29.99.  I like the concept of JewelMint because they feature jewelry that no one has seen before.  Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific has featured posts with her wearing JewelMint jewelry.

3. Rachel Bilson's newest venture is ShoeMint.  Rachel Bilson and stylist Nicole Chavez team up with Steve Madden to design new shoes for you to shop every month. The style profile helps ShoeMint generate different options for you to shop. Every shoe costs $79.98 (why not just round it up to $80?) and while this is a bit much for me, most people would be thrilled to find a pair of stylish shoes for under eighty bucks.

4. Here's something new. Justin Timberlake is one of the designers behind the HomeMint team. As usual, you take a style quiz and HomeMint generates the best pieces for your house. I love to fantasize about what my apartment will look like one day and I have to admit that I think I will be shopping on HomeMint.  The styles are a mix of classic and contemporary and the prices are definitely in my budget.

5.And lastly, this is the one that prompted this post. IntiMint has not officially launched yet, but you can sign up now to begin receiving e-mails (which quite frankly I never do read). IntiMint is the newest addition to the Mints and features lingerie, loungewear, and sleepwear.  Assuming that it keeps with the Mint Trend, I'd imagine that you make a style profile and then get to shop the looks that fit what you like!

So there is the lowdown on the Mint trend. My personal favorite is JewelMint and my one complaint is that I find it difficult to shop the collections without your Style Profile interfering. Sometimes my Style Profile just isn't quite accurate. What are your thoughts on this Mint craze?

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  1. OMG I wish you would have shared this StyleMint stuff a few months ago!! It's like a personal shopper, so coolie!