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Sunday Catch-Up

Sunday, June 3, 2012
It's so bizarre how much I still love weekends even though everyday of the week for me is technically a Saturday. Woes of the job-less.  Saturday and Sunday are the two days of the week where I refuse to stress over my job situation, edit my resume, and inundate HR with emails.  This weekend included letting out my inner Jessica Simpson by baking Slutty Brownies, dinner with my Grammy at my favorite restaurant, and attending one of my best friends's graduation party.

These are snaps of my life, above. My poor puppy with his yellow band-aid breaks my heart. But a graduation gift from Grammy makes saying good-bye to college a little bit easier. One of my best friends (BFFEAE) Ellen booked her flight to come visit in June! I cannot contain my excitement. The outfit above is what I wore to Kristen's graduation party. My mom just forgot to mention to me that she owned this clutch. Salivating. And obviously grocery shopping turns into Idon'thaveenougnailpolishletmespend24dollarsonthat. Hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine!


  1. Coolie pink pants! Book dat flight to Clev so this women can do something other than type out old college notes.

    Give Sammy a smootch for meh..that lil band-aid makes me a lil sad too.

  2. It's actually a pink, denim jean skirt! 90s throwback! Currently on sale at J.Crew, too! I'll give SamSam a kiss!