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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back when I was at school I was getting super nostalgic about leaving the state that I had (shockingly) begun to call home. Ohio. I will always be a Jersey girl but I must admit that I have grown to form a special place for Ohio in my heart. Maybe it's because I know I'll probably never live there again, or because it was where I lived for the last four years. Regardless, back in April I was browsing Very Jane and I saw these prints for 50% off. You could choose any stripe color, any state color, and any state. I ordered two: Ohio and New Jersey. 

I finally got them framed and hung yesterday and I think they are a sweet reminder of where my home has been. They aren't on Very Jane right now, but the website does tend to repeat items. Something fun that is on the website, however, is this Bubble Bib Necklace, almost identical to J.Crew's. I am so tempted to purchase it. Maybe I'll give to my mom, and then I'll feel less guilty for spending money? Maybe, yes?

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