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Roaring Twenties

Friday, May 25, 2012

...It's finally out - The Great Gatsby movie trailer!

A couple days ago I saw a tweet linking to The Great Gatsby movie trailer! I feel like I have been hearing talk about this movie forever and I kept wondering when it was actually going to come out. Unfortunately, it looks like Christmas will be the release, but you can catch some of the fashion and Gatsby himself in the trailer. Leo has done it again.

I was also reading the Trend supplement of W Magazine and they featured an entire page dedicated to the Twenties and the style encompassed in it. Strappy heels, black, feather dresses, and gem covered clutches are the trends featured on the page. It would have been a glamorous decade to live in - until the stock market crashed and the depression hit, that is.


  1. The 20's would be interesting. Go to this bar in NYC and you'll feel like you're back in that grand ol decade:

    It's in Grand Central Station.. I personally enjoyed a romantic night with a fellow named Armando here one warm summer night. hehehehehoho ;)

  2. roaring like a lion!