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A Taste of Florence

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A year ago I studied abroad in the most romantic, beautiful, simple, and delicious city in the world: Florence. I fell in love with everything about Florence, especially the food. It's no secret I am quite a foodie and most definitely eat more snacks a day than most six year olds. Gotta love Cheez-Its! Leaving Florence I swore I'd never be able to eat a slice of American pizza again (that lasted maybe 2 weeks) because I was so obsessed with the Margherita pizza made by Gusta across the Arno River in Florence. Well - much to my surprise - you are able to get pizza that tastes almost the same as the famous Gusta Pizza. Hop on down to Bleeker St. right in NYC. It's a fabulous, quaint restaurant called Keste and it's owned by charming Italians who greet every customer with the signature "Ciao, ciao!"

Stopping at Keste for lunch/dinner will always end up being a great decision. Splitting a liter of Montepulciano Red isn't so bad either.

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