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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today I had the opportunity to momentarily stifle my boredom by freelancing at a prominent company in New York City. I was working on the photo shoot floor and was told before I came to work that it was "a very casual, creative work environment." Scratch my J.Crew pencil skirts and jackets - I would look like one out of place, pretentious girl. I've seen people take the term casual and turn it into lazy (Ex: You look comfy = Huge insult). But casual doesn't have to mean lazy. All of these outfits inspire a casual work attire, yet they also show that you still care how you look (who cares if you didn't actually shower this morning...)

To go with the flow of the environment today, I stuck with a high waisted J.Crew skirt trimmed with green lace.  I paired my go to black, loose-fit button up from Brandy Melville with it.  Side note - I am obsessed with everything from Brandy Melville.  The pretty skirt and boyish top complemented each other perfectly. I think I'd fit in pretty well there.


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